Hi! I’m Robyn! I’m a Digital Content Designer/Developer and Creative Entrepreneur

I have 15 years of expertise in designing and coding digital content using the Adobe Creative Suite within the retail advertising industry. The majority of my background is in web design, something I have been passionate about since I taught myself Photoshop and HTML when I was in high school. Since then, I have gone on to graduate with bachelor’s degrees in both Digital Media and Graphic Design (with honors!) and have worked in the marketing departments of companies both small and large, driving sales while pushing the creative envelope.

Always eager to continue learning new things, I am constantly creating and thinking of new ways to push my creativity. I am currently working as a freelance designer seeking my next challenge as a senior digital designer.

I design digital content driving dynamic marketing campaigns with a strong attention to detail and clean conscientious design.

Creative Team Player

I anticipate the needs of the creative team in challenging situations and help assist, offer tips and tricks, and provide feedback with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.


I have worked in both large and small internal marketing departments across multiple marketing channels with varying levels of top-level management involvement.


Responsive/Mobile Web Design, Content Strategy, Campaign Concepting, Branding Development, Illustration, Prototyping/Wireframing, and UX Design.

Technical Skills

• Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, XD, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator
• HTML and CSS
• Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress and SAP Hybris SmartEdit
• PC and Mac Platforms
• Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

About Robyn

Everyone always asks me “How did you end up in Ohio?” after hearing that I grew up in Maine, and went to college in Vermont. I was very fortunate to have landed my first design/developer job at Network Technologies Inc in Ohio before graduation, and was able to gather my things and make one of the biggest changes in my life immediately after one of the proudest achievements of my life.

My interests include kayaking, gardening, beachcombing and exploring the outdoors. I love taking photos of the outdoors, especially from my kayak and have been featured on the Eddyline Kayaks blog talking about the intersection of my passions of creating things with the found objects I gather and kayaking to find them.